2nd ave., bethlehem, pa, 4/9/98

this was our second show with all four of us. at the time we were called bender which lasted until the end of 2001. our first show with ward had been two weeks before at the sam adams brewhouse in philly. our setlist for both shows consisted of 8 of the 10 songs from 21, st. nick, lemonade, rotten life and two covers which on this night were “cool” by superchunk and “color me impressed” by the replacements. at sam adams we played “saving my ticket” by superchunk and “allison’s starting to happen” by the lemonheads.

rockpile – april 1998

21 – who says punk rock is dead? [taggart] puts a new spin on the genre by letting the important things shine–the songs. while this offering has a ton of attitude and spunk, the really outstanding aspect is the songwriting. the parts flow into one another seamlessly, and the vocals have a nice rasp, like the dead boys.