sean koepenick – razorcake

snow day (take it easy) – what more could anyone ask of the big, fat jolly dude than some new xmas-themed vinyl? well, these two bands have just answered your wish list. taggart hits you up with three covers and one original for their side. “wishmas” is cool and will make it into a wintry playlist mix with ease. but it’s on their cover of the kinks “father christmas” where they really nail it. ray davies would be proud and I doubt bad religion’s recent take kicks as much ass. the successful failures come at from another angle: three originals and one cover. although their ramones cover is heartfelt, i think i’m feeling “christmas morning (yellow canary)” a bit more. either way this is best enjoyed loud, then go back and search out other releases by both bands as well. (razorcake)

matthew berlyant – the big takeover

snow day (take it easy) – now here is a unique release. there are many holiday records released each year and there are a wide variety of split releases that have come out over the years featuring one band on side a and another on side b. i do not know, however, of another split holiday release, at least on a 12”.

ultimately, though, i am reviewing this (a bit later than I hoped to) a little less than a week after christmas (it came out on december 10th) not because of the record’s novelty, but because it is a great record featuring two great bands.

taggart occupy side a and are a long-running philadelphia/new jersey band whose sound could be described as a throwback to a time when indie rock meant a specific style of music ala bands such as superchunk and archers of loaf, not the catch-all phrase it encompasses these days; except, of course, that they were around during that era, having recorded as early as 1997. more over, their songs have hooks, are memorable, and they rock with no pretension whatsoever. though there is only one original on their side (the future christmas classic “wishmas”), this is also reflected in their choice of cover material, at least for the most part. though their side is bookended by snippets of foghat‘s “slow ride” with lyrics re-written as “snow day” (hence the title of this record), things get much more interesting as they tackle the descendents classic “christmas vacation” and the kinks‘ also fantastic “father christmas.”

the successful failures, the band of fdr label head mick chorba, occupy side b and their brand of new jersey power pop (think of bands ranging from the smithereens to labelmates bastards of melody) is a perfect match for taggart. if one listens to this album in mp3 form or on cd where side 2 just follows side 1, it flows really well. anyhow, there is only one cover (a great version of the ramones‘ “merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight)” on their side and 3 equally enjoyable originals. though “good night to the last night” (appropriate as i am writing this on december 31st) is really a new years’ eve song, the two other originals deal with holiday merriment, gift giving and wishing and what not. of these, i really like “christmas morning (yellow canary)” but there is not a dud in the bunch.

something else that should be mentioned here is that the artwork is absolutely mesmerizing. in an age where less and less emphasis is placed on the visual aspect of records, it is a treat to see matt hanemann‘s artwork, especially on the 12”.

in summary, i have a feeling i’ll be listening to this one year-round as this is not just a holiday novelty record. (the big takeover)

kool kat music

snow day (take it easy) – coming in just under the wire for the holiday season, the successful failures and taggart put together an exciting collection of classic covers and new holiday songs for this split holiday release. fans will appreciate hearing new and different versions of the kinks (“father christmas”), the descendents (“christmas vacation”), and the ramones (“merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight”) classic christmas songs as well as 4 new songs written by taggart and the successful failures especially for this release. taggart even re-writes foghat’s “slow ride”, appearing here as “snow day” – not hard to imagine! very cool and lots of fun! excellent!! (kool kat music)