neal agneta – big takeover, issue 68, spring 2011

pink pig stink – unless you’re already acquainted with philadelphia’s taggart, the prospect of an odds and ends rarities compilation from a band that can only boast a regional following certainly sounds like a hard sell – or is it?  the three early replacements covers included here alone (“color me impressed,” “favorite thing,” and “don’t ask why”) might be enough of a draw for die-hard fans of paul westerberg and co. to investigate pink.  taggart may have adopted a few choice traits from the ‘mats, but their smash ‘n grab approach falls more in line with twin/tone-era soul asylum.  potent originals like “pictures” and “same day surgery“ make a compelling case that taggart can rest on their own laurels; but if it’s more remakes your heart desires, they ably satisfy with weezer and who renditions to boot. (the big takeover)

sean koepenick –

pink pig stink – subtitled 10 years of taggart covers, demos and z-sides: 1997-2007, this is a whopping twenty-four song collection from this philly band. the band’s originals stand proud next to covers of the who and the replacements. noisy, frenzied, and full tilt, there’s not a wilting flower in the bunch. “deep end” is a great song, but i’m sure you’ll find a lot more on here that will have you knocking your stereo speakers over. (