guided by voices karaoke, club 218, philadelphia, pa, 9/10/04

this was the first time we ever did a karaoke style show. it was the after-party for guided by voices’ “last” philadelphia show. we had a list of 40 gbv songs that people could pick from and come up and sing with us.

tractor rape chain
hot freaks
a salty salute
game of pricks
everywhere with helicopters
echos myron
teenage fbi
motor away
exit flagger
i am a scientist
gold star for robot boy
smothered in hugs
buzzards and dreadful crows
the official ironman rally song
watch me jumpstart
chasing heather crazy
glad girls
over the neptune/mesh gear fox
as we go up, we go down
tractor rape chain
motor away
the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
exit flagger