upstage, philadelphia, pa, 10/7/00

this was the record release show for face down records left of the dial replacements tribute cd. there were five or six bands on the bill that all had a song on the cd. the upstage was packed with people who came to hear replacements songs but most of the bands played a set of their own songs plus the one replacements song that they contributed to the album. luckily for us we had decided to learn an entire set of ‘mats tunes. this was the first time we ever played an entire set of another bands songs, it wouldn’t be the last. songs in our set were: don’t ask why, color me impressed, i will dare, favorite thing, unsatisfied, seen your video, sixteen blue, iou, i don’t know, red red wine and achin’ to be.

alex green – yahoo music – 10/2/00 – the replacements get second tribute album

left of the dial – although the australians struck first with last year’s marvelous “i’m in love with that song: a tribute to the replacements”, the americans are joining the club with the release of “left of the dial: a pop tribute to the replacements”. released by new jersey’s face down records, “left of the dial” is a blistering collection of twenty-four replacements tracks recorded by some of the best pop bands in the country. with a collection that contains bands like happy regrets, the marlowes, and the dipsomaniacs, it’s hard to pick favorites, but [taggart’s] incendiary take of “don’t ask why,” florapop’s lovely acoustic rendering of “sixteen blue,” and the cables’ faithful reading of “valentine,” are some of the album’s most notable highlights.

left of the dial: a pop tribute to the replacements – compilation

release date: october 2000

stream & download entire compilation from fdr here
taggart’s song is also available on our record pink pig stink

track listing

  1. kiss me on the bus – happy regrets
  2. iou – cockeyed ghost
  3. little mascara – evelyn forever
  4. nobody – the andersons
  5. can’t hardly wait – dipsomaniacs
  6. achin to be – crash into june
  7. bastards of young – the masticators
  8. alex chilton – the marlowes
  9. here comes a regular – jeremy
  10. color me impressed – lolas
  11. don’t ask whytaggart
  12. nowhere is my home – the put outs
  13. skyway – adam leland
  14. buck hill – garage sale
  15. nevermind – blank pages
  16. swingin’ party – popland
  17. i will dare – static halo
  18. left of the dial – day of reckoning
  19. sixteen blue – florapop
  20. waitress in the sky – horndog
  21. valentine – the cables
  22. seen your video – squid vicious
  23. sadly beautiful – glowfriends
  24. treatment bound – 1929