alex green – yahoo music – 10/2/00 – the replacements get second tribute album

left of the dial – although the australians struck first with last year’s marvelous “i’m in love with that song: a tribute to the replacements”, the americans are joining the club with the release of “left of the dial: a pop tribute to the replacements”. released by new jersey’s face down records, “left of the dial” is a blistering collection of twenty-four replacements tracks recorded by some of the best pop bands in the country. with a collection that contains bands like happy regrets, the marlowes, and the dipsomaniacs, it’s hard to pick favorites, but [taggart’s] incendiary take of “don’t ask why,” florapop’s lovely acoustic rendering of “sixteen blue,” and the cables’ faithful reading of “valentine,” are some of the album’s most notable highlights.

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