“l’maskin” record release show, johnny brenda’s, philadelphia, pa 2/24/18

definitely one of the highlights of our 20+ years: our first time headlining johnny brenda’s to celebrate the release of l’maskin. we had our good friends kevin and ken open the show and both were amazing. We played 9 out of 10 songs from the new album and assorted taggart favorites. The four of us each chose a cover song which we scattered throughout the set and then threw in an elvis song at the end for good measure. here’s how it all went down:

good intentions
st. nick
you never seem to mind
infinite space
afternoon is better
she said, she said (beatles)
geometric mean
(i’m always touched by your) presence, dear (blondie)
shattered leaves
starting now
brand new love (sebadoh/superchunk)
skin i’m in
weekend politics
my victim (supersuckers)
none of them
suspicious minds (elvis presley)






live band karaoke – johnny brenda’s, philadelphia, pa 6/4/15

a live band karaoke event for philadelphia beer week sponsored by yards brewing. we had a list of 232 songs which people were invited to choose from to come onstage at johnny brenda’s to sing with us. Everyone that came up did an amazing job and there are a few video links in the set lists below to prove it.

left of the dial (replacements)
miss world (hole)
detroit has a skyline (superchunk)
today (smashing pumpkins)
she don’t use jelly (flaming lips)
song 2 (blur)
wrong (archers of loaf)
girlfriend in a coma (smiths)
have you ever seen the rain? (creedence clearwater revival)
creep (radiohead)
up in arms (foo fighters)
just like heaven (cure)
cut your hair (pavement)
dreaming (blondie)
ziggy stardust (david bowie)
psycho killer (talking heads)
celebrated summer (husker du)
tired of sex (weezer)

(what’s so funny ’bout) peace, love and understanding (elvis costello and the attractions)
harnessed in slums (archers of loaf)
academy fight song (mission of burma)
femme fatale (velvet underground)
tractor rape chain (guided by voices)
your little hoodrat friend (hold steady)
the bends (radiohead)
unfair (pavement)
basket case (green day)
helter skelter (beatles)
motor away (guided by voices)
kicker of elves (guided by voices)
fell in love with a girl (white stripes)
elevate me later (pavement)
happiness is a warm gun (beatles)
sabotage (beastie boys)
under pressure (david bowie & queen)
paranoid (black sabbath)
drain you (nirvana)
that’s how i escaped my certain fate (mission of burma)
game of pricks (guided by voices)
debaser (pixies)
frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle (nirvana)
then he kissed me (crystals)
tractor rape chain (guided by voices)
seether (veruca salt)

snow day release show, ortlieb’s lounge, philadelphia, pa, 12/20/13

the release show for our christmas record snow day (take it easy). our christmas record-mates the successful failures played first then we performed all our songs from the christmas record interspersed with a few taggart classics. “father christmas” brought things to a holiday-spirited close! below is the complete setlist, links to videos of “christmas vacations” & “father christmas” and a few photos.

snow day
infinite space
good intentions
christmas vacation (descendents)
weekend politics
skin i’m in
father christmas (kinks)

joe strummer tribute night, northstar bar, philadelphia, pa, december 22, 2011

featuring the music of joe strummer, the clash, the 101ers & the mescaleros  performed by the future unwritten, leland plumridge (of first capitol funk), tonight we strike, successful failures, lust2love, scarier area, mean streets and us. the proceeds were all donated to strummerville, a registered charity that gives support to aspiring musicians and help to projects that help change the world through music. set up by the friends and family of joe strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect joe’s unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them. we performed four clash songs.

janie jones, career opportunities, safe european home, death or glory

this song does not rock: the ballads of guided by voices – tritone, philadelphia, pa, friday, 5/27/11

this was a benefit show for the leukemia lymphoma society put on by the successful failures. we couldn’t all make it so becker and ward played as a duo, both of them singing and playing guitar. they learned 18 guided by voices songs which they tried to cram into a half hour set. they almost made it. also on the bill were alexander yakerreal defenders of the acropolis, the successful failures, howling fantods, victor traps & kitten disaster. a few of the song titles below contain links to camera-phone-quality videos of those songs. all songs are by guided by voices.

14 cheerleader coldfront
awful bliss
key losers
the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
bright paper werewolves
tropical robots
indian fables
now to war
kicker of elves
when she turns 50
how loft am i?

i am produced
hey aardvark
ester’s day
drinker’s peace
a good flying bird

world cafe live, philadelphia, pa, 12/17/09

on this night we performed our second ever acoustic set. it was the first night we performed “shattered leaves”. we opened for grant hart and then performed three husker du songs backing grant and the end of his set.

final chapter
you never seem to mind
starting now
shattered leaves
undecidedly so
the greater depression
water wings (superchunk)
good intentions

songs w/ grant hart:
the girl who lives on heaven hill
back from somewhere
don’t want to know if you’re lonely

complete taggart set:

songs with grant hart:

who’s not forgotten cd release show, khyber, philadelphia, pa 4/9/04

this was the second release show for the who’s not forgotten compilation cd. we played pretty much the same set of who songs as the trenton show but with art difuria of the photon band joining us to sing and play guitar on “so sad about us” and play guitar on “baba o’riley”.

anyway, anyhow, anywhere
the kids are alright
a quick one, while he’s away
my wife
pictures of lily
so sad about us (w/ art difuria)
we’re not gonna take it
baba o’riley (w/ art difuria)

replacements covers show, khyber, philadelphia, pa, august 9, 2002

this was the release show for the second printing of face down records left of the dial: a pop tribute to the replacements and for the occasion we performed an entire set of replacement’s songs. the set leans heavily on the first four ‘mats albums as the dipsomaniacs had already featured a few later-era ‘mats tunes in their set and day of reckoning had performed pleased to meet me in it’s entirety. this is our entire set including the impromptu acoustic sing-along that served as our encore.

i will dare
favorite thing
color me impressed
sixteen blue
i’m in trouble
left of the dial
i hate music
johnny’s gonna die
shiftless when idle
god damn job
run it
don’t ask why
take me down to the hospital
here comes a regular