replacements covers show, khyber, philadelphia, pa, august 9, 2002

this was the release show for the second printing of face down records left of the dial: a pop tribute to the replacements and for the occasion we performed an entire set of replacement’s songs. the set leans heavily on the first four ‘mats albums as the dipsomaniacs had already featured a few later-era ‘mats tunes in their set and day of reckoning had performed pleased to meet me in it’s entirety. this is our entire set including the impromptu acoustic sing-along that served as our encore.

i will dare
favorite thing
color me impressed
sixteen blue
i’m in trouble
left of the dial
i hate music
johnny’s gonna die
shiftless when idle
god damn job
run it
don’t ask why
take me down to the hospital
here comes a regular

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