this song does not rock: the ballads of guided by voices – tritone, philadelphia, pa, friday, 5/27/11

this was a benefit show for the leukemia lymphoma society put on by the successful failures. we couldn’t all make it so becker and ward played as a duo, both of them singing and playing guitar. they learned 18 guided by voices songs which they tried to cram into a half hour set. they almost made it. also on the bill were alexander yakerreal defenders of the acropolis, the successful failures, howling fantods, victor traps & kitten disaster. a few of the song titles below contain links to camera-phone-quality videos of those songs. all songs are by guided by voices.

14 cheerleader coldfront
awful bliss
key losers
the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
bright paper werewolves
tropical robots
indian fables
now to war
kicker of elves
when she turns 50
how loft am i?

i am produced
hey aardvark
ester’s day
drinker’s peace
a good flying bird

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