jc dobbs, philadelphia, pa 1/13/96

this was the band’s second ever show after becker started playing with pete and steve. ward wouldn’t join for another two years. our first show (under the name scrapple) had been the night before thanksgiving two months earlier at the overpass in manayunk. by this dobbs show we were called suckers, a name which lasted about a year. we were playing every original song we had plus filling the set out with a bunch of covers. “she’s alive” and “back in the game” were two early songs that were never recorded for any of our cds.

pure circumstance
social steve
drain you (nirvana)
she’s alive
the kids are alright (who)
back in the game
salvation (rancid)
love oven
just a touch (r.e.m.)
fucked up ‘cuz
territorial pissings (nirvana)
favorite thing (replacements)

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