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who’s not forgottenwho’s not forgotten: fdr’s tribute to the who is a tribute album that has two things going for it; a very strong lineup of modern-day power pop artists, and a wide-ranging approach that sees songs from the who’s entire career covered. from “my generation” and “the kids are alright,” all the way to “athena,” from the band’s last full-length album to date, it’s hard, the bands on who’s not forgotten offer up very faithful covers. the best tracks are turned in by the biggest names on the collection — the bigger lovers “glow girl,” the photon band’s and guided by voices’ impressive live take of “baba o’riley” — although some of the less well-known acts, like the lolas (“the kids are alright”), chris richards (“mary anne with the shaky hands”) and taggart (“pictures of lily“) do a nice job. the only songs that take liberties with the originals are at the very end of the disc: the contractions’ awful destruction of “my generation,” and glowfriends’ quite pretty take on “i can’t explain,” which takes the song into mazzy star territory. apart from those two songs, the tribute is sure to appeal to who fans, and fans of modern-day power pop. (proceeds of the sales of the disc go to h.e.a.r.; a non-profit group dedicated to fighting hearing loss. so when you buy the disc make sure you don’t play it too loud.) (all music guide)

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