khyber, philadelphia, pa, 3/13/08

we were booked as the only band for a beer week event billed as a “live music blowout” at the khyber. we took the opportunity to turn it into the release show for pink pig stink and a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the four of us playing together. the title of the event became very appropriate as we tore through two hour-long sets of songs spanning our entire career (plus a ton of covers). the night was really made by a group of four english guys who spent their first night in america drinking and dancing non-stop right in front of the stage for the entire length of the show.

weekend politics
the great big no (lemonheads)
gun (uncle tupelo)
geometric mean
good intentions
here comes your man (pixies)
me and sweet j
pictures of lily (who)
slack motherfucker (superchunk)
truth hits everybody (police)
love oven

surf wax america (weezer)
you never seem to mind
the bends (radiohead)
starting now
debaser (pixies)
my son cool (guided by voices)
a salty salute (guided by voices)
janie jones (clash)
gardening at night (r.e.m.)
i got you (at the end of the century) (wilco)
breed (nirvana)
the girl who lives on heaven hill (husker du)
helter skelter (beatles)
just a touch (r.e.m.)
fabricoh (archers of loaf)
nostalgia (archers of loaf)

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