abbaye 7th anniversary party 1/16/10

this was our 4th year (3rd in a row) playing the abbaye anniversary party and just like all the other years we did it karaoke style. this year we had a book of 200 songs that people could choose from, sign up for, and sing with us. it was five glorious hours of controlled mayhem (with one ten minute break between the two sets). everybody who got up and sang did a great job. we warmed everyone up with five of our songs and then the crowd took over. below is the entire set list starting with the five taggart songs right into the karaoke. all the karaoke songs have the original band following the song title.

you never seem to mind
starting now
weekend politics
ring of fire (johnny cash)
should i stay or should i go (clash)
my name is jonas (weezer)
web in front (archers of loaf)
creep (radiohead)
baba o’riley (who)
rape me (nirvana)
just like heaven (cure)
hyper enough (superchunk)
twist and shout (beatles)
drain you (nirvana)
wrong (archers of loaf)
o valencia (decemberists)
glad girls (guided by voices)
cannonball (breeders)
(what’s so funny about) peace, love and understanding (elvis costello)
kissing the lipless (shins)
our lips are sealed (go-go’s)
all day and all of the night (kinks)
psycho killer (talking heads)
there she goes again (velvet underground)
blitzkrieg bop (ramones)
eight days a week (beatles)
harnessed in slums (archers of loaf)

here comes your man (pixies)
should i stay or should i go (clash)
gigantic (pixies)
ring of fire (johnny cash)
everlong (foo fighters)
game of pricks (guided by voices)
happiness is a warm gun (beatles)
slot machine (superdrag)
phaser (superdrag)
our lips are sealed (go-go’s)
cold feelings (social distortion)
i’m allowed (buffalo tom)
jumping jack flash (rolling stones)
ring of fire (johnny cash)
surf wax america (weezer)
where is my mind? (pixies)
the bends (radiohead)
fabricoh (archers of loaf)
nostalgia (archers of loaf)
driveway to driveway (superchunk)
creep (radiohead)
exit flagger (guided by voices)
powderfinger (neil young)
debaser (pixies)
girlfriend in a coma (smiths)
range life (pavement)
unleashed! the large heated boy (guided by voices)

lots of picture’s on the abbaye’s facebook page

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