“for what it’s worse” record release show, northstar bar, philadelphia, pa, 10/29/11

the record release show for for what it’s worse was one of our best shows ever and an amazing night all around. we had great friends (and great bands) faux slang, knife show & the creeping weeds open and we spent the majority of their sets having people come up to us to tell us how amazing they all are. (we already knew that, that’s why we booked them).  dj extraordinaire jersey dan  from choice tasters & y-not radio kept the music going before, after and between the bands.  as for us, we played an hour and a half mix of songs from the new record, old favorites from our past records and some brand new future-hits. we closed the set with a late 70’s/early 80’s arena rock trilogy sandwiched between the first and last songs off our first record 21. that was going to be it but the crowd demanded more, shouting out song titles that eventually evolved into a chant of “gbv, gbv, gbv…..” so we obliged with two guided by voices covers. definitely one of the most fun sets we’ve ever played.

good intentions
st. nick
you never seem to mind
me & sweet j
deep end
geometric mean
everything pales
afternoon is better
shattered leaves
starting now
the greater depression
infinite space
weekend politics
highway to hell (ac/dc)
misty mountain hop (led zeppelin)
under pressure (queen & david bowie)
love oven

buzzards & dreadful crows (guided by voices)
motor away (guided by voices)

the guys from “bands in the backyard” also have photos posted on their flickr page here.

also, our friend lauree drove all the way up from arlington, va for the show and she has some pictures posted here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150941645910118.763944.509435117&type=3

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