this song does not rock: the ballads of guided by voices – race street cafe, philadelphia, pa 6/23/12

20 songs in a half hour! this was the second year in a row becker & ward performed a set of guided by voices covers as a duo for a benefit show. our friend carl organized the event for a friend who was facing financial hardships due to extensive heart surgery. carl joined us to sing “awful bliss”. the above audio is the complete show. the sound isn’t great (lots of crowd noise) but we’re pretty proud of the performance. all the songs are by guided by voices.

scalding creek
a good flying bird
choking tara
gleemer (the deeds of fertile jim)
jar of cardinals
i am produced
drinker’s peace
how loft am i?
ester’s day
kicker of elves
key losers
dragons awake!
wondering boy poet
awful bliss (w/ carl kunz)
long distance man
tropical robots
14 cheerleader coldfront
the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
bright paper werewolves

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