“our band could be your life” tribute show, philly f/m festival, skybox, philadelphia, pa 9/23/11

this was a philly f/m festival showcase celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the book our band could be your life. the festival invited a bunch of philly bands to chose a band that had been written about in the book and cover three of their songs. we were the first band to respond and chose mission of burma. when it came time for our set the show was running ahead of schedule so we took the opportunity to play two extra songs by two of our favorite bands also featured in the book:

academy fight song (mission of burma)
that’s how i escaped my certain fate (mission of burma)
that’s when i reach for my revolver (mission of burma)
back from somewhere (husker du)
left of the dial (replacements)

the other bands on the bill were:

house bat as sonic youth
metroplex as fugazi
ghosts in the valley as the minutemen
faux slang as husker du
howling fantods as mudhoney
yeah clementines as the replacements
the successful failures as beat happening
the silence kit as minor threat
golden bloom as dinosaur jr.

our band could be your life: “provides a chapter-style, documentary-like, behind-the-scenes history of a dozen or so bands that truly defined what it meant to be an indie or punk band during the 1980′s, with stories and facts that shed such a new light on each of the featured bands that I feel like a dope for thinking I knew anything about them before reading the book.” baby got books

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